Top Interior Design Styles and Tips

Top Interior Design Styles and Tips

An ultimate guide to style your home beautifully using these Top Interior Design Styles and Tips.

Including 5 tips on decor styles, no one tells you!

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Planning Makes Perfect

The first step of any renovation or redecoration is to get clear on your vision. Create a pintrest board and group pictures together demonstrating the interior design styles, colors and feeling you want to achieve. In this process make sure your pieces work together to create a cohesive look and feel throughout the home.

Declutter and Donate

Before you get started Declutter and Donate. Don’t be afraid to part with stuff that you don’t love or need. You will be amazed at how much bigger and styled your space will feel when you simply declutter.

Decor Styles ‘Tip One’
“Two birds, one stone”. Now you’re clear on your vision, be sure to browse your local thrift shop for bargains, at the same time as donating your unwanted items. The key here is STICK TO THE PLAN! Only buy items you ‘need’ to style your home beautifully.

Consider Color

The colors you use in your home should be chosen with your entire home in mind. Learning the basics of ‘color theory’ derived from the color wheel can be worth it’s weight in ‘gold’ and will aid you to coordinate and select colors to achieve the feelings you want in your home. The color wheel is a helpful tool to examine the relationship between colors. Also consider the different dimensions of color the ‘hue’ the name of the color; ‘value’ the lightness or darkness of the color, and intensity.

Neutral colors help provide a sense of balance and harmony to a surrounding and can be paired well with warm and cool tones. Warm colors are defined by orange, red, and yellow.Calming and soothing feelings define cool colors such as blue, green and purple.

Pick your colors based on the purpose of the room. When picking a color it’s important to see it in the environment. How does it look with light reflected on it? Do the colors of the furniture clash or enhance it? A bedroom is a place to relax and recharge and should be soothing and calming. Some favorite picks for the bedroom include Hazelnut, Sage, or Wildflower. To create a deeper moody feel, try Petrol or Cacao.

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Decor Styles ‘Tip Two’
To create a more luxurious feel, dress your bed with a duvet a size bigger than your bed eg. A King duvet cover and inner for a Queen-sized bed. Also consider removing the bed legs from your ensemble to transform the look and feel.

In the office you might choose more active colors or brighter tones, which stimulate the mind and body, evoking energy and creativity. Or passive colors, neutral and muted pastel tones, which have a calming effect and can increase mental focus.

Be bold and have fun with décor styles

Don’t be afraid to create layers, bring in texture, pattern and shape. A room that contains patterns will feel very textural, even if they don’t have a raised texture. Stripes are easy to use when decorating almost any space. Try striped sheets with similar tones to your bedspread; Or striped throw pillows on the coach.

A rug can be a great way to add texture to the floor, transforming the feeling of the room, especially if you choose a style of rug with a high pile or tassels and fringing.

Round shapes and curves can be used to soften a space as well as being a focal point or statement piece which can be a great addition to styling a room beautifully.

There are lots of beautiful contemporary pieces. A full-length curved mirror an oval shaped coffee table, a u-shaped vase or lamp.

Light up your life

Change the ambiance of a space by simply changing the bulbs. To create a cosy, calming and restful feel in the bedroom look for warmer, low-lumen globes (2000 to 4000 lumens).
Bedside lamps can be a great way to incorporate personal style in the bedroom while also serving a functional purpose to meet individual needs and bedtimes.

Decor Styles ‘Tip Three’
Love the look of pendant lights pendants hanging beside the bed, but don’t have the right light fittings? Avoid the cost and hassle of an electrician and instead use a plug-in light cord. Simply run the cord up the wall or door frame and attach to the ceiling to create the same look for a fraction of the price.

Consider adding pendant lights in the dining room or a floor lamp in the lounge for a decorative statement.

Go Green

Indoor plants are a great way to add instant atmosphere, so consider some new ones to freshen your interior. Assess which of your existing plants are doing well and which could do with a new position or revive. Before buying any new plants, make sure you do your research. How much attention they require and what conditions are best to ensure they’ll thrive in your home?

Decor Styles ‘Tip Four’
For a low maintanence ‘easy care’ statement piece, why not build your very own plant terranium! This can be a fun project and can be a good way to get the kids involved. Click here for step-by-step instructions by The Spruce


And finally, be sure to take some before and after shots so you can fully appreciate the difference.

Decor Styles ‘Tip Five’
I can’t stress this enough! Take pictures and celebrate what you’ve accomplished. Enjoy it and the satisfaction that comes from styling your home beautifully using these top interior design styles.

Happy House Styling

Help others style their homes beautifully by sharing these top interior design styles and Tips.

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